Germinated seeds sensory activity

Apr 25, 2016

Nature gives us our best sensory activities, without planning or cost. Exploring the garden, hunting for bugs or stones always turns up something. We’ve been away the past two weeks on holiday, but just before we left we had a fascinating surprise in the playground sandpit, when we discovered hundreds of seeds had sprouted tiny roots and leaves.

seedling sensory square

The kids loved hunting through the sand for seedlings. I showed them how the leaves had grown from the sycamore seeds we’d played with as ‘helicopters’ since autumn.

I explained that trees wouldn’t be able to grow in the sandpit, so we set to work transferring the seedlings to the long grass. The truth is, they’re unlikely to make it there either, but the activity was fascinating to my little ones (aged two and three). They figured out how to dig up the roots gently and brush the sand away so as not to break anything.

We also unpeeled some of the seeds, and discovered the first leaves all curled up inside. This was a perfect way to see that the plants really do grow out of those tiny brown things. It also turned out to be a fun fine motor activity!

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