Are you looking for ways to boost your toddlers language skills?

Word Boosting book cover

Word Boosting shows you how. This eBook is the practical guide to helping your child learn to talk through play and simple everyday activities. It is a hands-on companion, helping you to enjoy every step of your child’s journey to better and better communication.

Simple, fun, playtime activities

Word Boosting includes over 380 play ideas and activities for parents to enjoy with their little ones, all designed to promote language learning. From movement games to imaginative play, ways to use books, and arts and crafts, these activities are simple, fun and highly motivating for children aged from one to three years old. No tests or academic drills: your toddler will love the playtime ideas in this book, and they all come with specific guides for improving language skills.

Word Boosting: A practical guide to encouraging your toddler’s language skills, with 365+ easy playtime activities is available now on Amazon!


Language-boosting strategies for everyday life

Word Boosting is far more than a collection of toddler activities. It is a systematic approach to encouraging young children to learn to talk, with chapters on the best strategies for boosting language skills in young children, the stages of baby and toddler language development, establishing great communication through daily routines, setting up a simple play schedule, the perfect toys for learning-filled play, and much more.

Promoting good language skills at an early age can help to build your child’s confidence and their ability to interact with the world. Achieving great communication with your child will strengthen your bond, and can help to ease the frustrations of the toddler years.

Ideas that work

Word Boosting draws together the knowledge linguists and speech pathologists have developed on what really helps little children learn language, and shows parents how to use that knowledge in daily life. Its practical, realistic and effective.

Word Boosting was born out of my own experience as a mother of two energetic boys. I left work as an academic researcher and teacher of language to care for my children at home full-time. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity and the huge lessons it taught me. I had to learn a lot about how to play, how to communicate, and – let’s be honest – how to get through the day with two busy little boys born less than 18 months apart. I wanted activities that were simple, fun, safe and educational. Everything in the book has been toddler-tested; the ideas here really work.

Word Boosting is available on for Kindle, for just $5.99. That’s amazing value for a book with 365+ playtime activity ideas, enough for every day of the year, and a complete guide to helping your child learn to talk.

Check out sample pages of the book here:

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All you need in easy reach

Chapters include:

  • Top strategies for boosting baby and toddler language skills
  • A step-by-step guide to reviewing your child’s current language ability
  • A method for establishing effective communication in daily routines and making everyday interactions, from nappy changes to feeding, full of fun language-learning potential
  • A program for building fantastic play skills that will help you to boost your child’s enjoyment of activities, together with what they learn from them
  • A detailed guide to the stages in typical baby and toddler language development, with suggestions for targets and appropriate activities
  • Tips for great toys to use for language learning
  • An easy system for planning activities to make sure you always have great ideas for playtimes
  • A 30-Day Word Boosting play program to guide you through implementing the strategies and ideas in the book

Activities include:

  • Movement games
  • Language play
  • Learning and thinking activities
  • Fine motor skills games
  • Art
  • Imaginative play
  • Reading and book-based activities
  • Music and singing
  • Outside play and excursions

Equipping you to help your child

Word Boosting is for all parents and caregivers, but I wish to make a special mention of parents helping little ones who find learning to talk a challenge. Perhaps you want to assist your child in overcoming a language delay. Even if your child gets speech therapy, you’ll no doubt want to support the therapist’s work through simple techniques to use at home. What we do at home with our kids can have an amazing effect on their speech and language.

The strategies and activities in this book are tailored for you and your family, because I was also in your place, helping my older son overcome a speech delay. This book was born of that experience, as well as from the astonishment of witnessing my youngest’s wild charge into language. It is my sincerest hope for this book that it will help other families turn words from a struggle into a source of joy.

Whether you are seeking to improve your communication with your child, looking for fresh ideas for playtimes, trying to help a child who is struggling with language, or simply excited about your child’s journey into words and hoping to enjoy the process to the full, Word Boosting is packed with resources to get you and your child talking.

Get the eBook on Amazon, only $5.99!