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Word Boosting shares ideas for helping your child to start to talk and develop strong communication skills. This site is all about how parents and caregivers can support children in their language development. There are lots of easy activities to enjoy with toddlers, because play is the best time to help young children learn to speak. I share many fun, simple games and play ideas to get your little one talking.

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I’m Kathleen, mother to two beautiful little boys. They are now aged 3 and almost 2, and I care for them at home in Germany. Once upon a time I studied English at Oxford and completed a PhD at University College London, going on to teach English at the University of Oxford and Université Paris Ouest. I am inspired by language and by the amazing journey my children are taking as they grow.

On the blog I share ideas for playtimes and daily life that help toddlers understand language and learn to talk. You’re in the right place if any of these statements are true for you:

  • You’re excited about your child’s first attempts at learning to talk and want to enjoy this process to the full.
  • You believe that promoting good language skills at an early age will build your child’s confidence and their ability to interact with the world.
  • You want to have great communication with your child, and through better interactions strengthen your bond.
  • You’re looking for fresh ideas for playing with your toddler and simple ways to organize your time together.
  • You like activities that are fun for your toddler and simple for you, with opportunities for learning along the way.

Help with language-learning challenges

Word Boosting is also for parents whose children have extra challenges with learning to talk. Perhaps you’re here because your child has a language delay, and you want to provide all the assistance you can. Even if your child gets speech therapy, you’ll no doubt want to support the therapist’s work through play and simple techniques to use at home. What we do at home with our kids can have an amazing effect on their speech and language. I learned so much from helping my oldest son overcome his speech delay, and one of my greatest hopes with this site is to help other families to transform words from a struggle to a source of joy.

I’m also hoping to help parents whose children are growing up in a multi-lingual environment and who want to maximize their children’s chances in a first, second or third language. My boys are growing up in three languages, two in the home (English and Hebrew), and a third in the outside world (German). Having different languages around us is a wonderful gift, but if we’re honest it’s also a challenge. Really effective communication and great shared playtimes are even more important when your child relies upon you to learn a language that might not be spoken beyond the home.

At Word Boosting, I aim to give you the resources and encouragement to tackle language-learning challenges and enjoy every stage of your little one’s journey to better and better communication.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you will find much here that is useful as you help launch your little one into language.

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Please note that the ideas on this site are not intended to be an alternative to professional speech therapy. Anyone worried about their child’s language development should discuss their concerns with their child’s doctor, or consult a speech language pathologist.

It is your responsibility to ensure your child’s safety at all times during play activities. Please use your judgement in deciding what activities are suitable for your child.

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