5 Language-building games for the bath

Jan 20, 2016

Bathtime is great for fun games that boost your young toddler’s language skills, because it usually happens every day, most toddlers enjoy it, and you’re right there with them, giving them lots of attention. Here are five fun ways to build early vocabulary while having fun in the water. 

Bathtime toddler games

  1. Make it a bubble bath, scoop some foam and hold it close to your face, saying ‘Oh, bubbles… blow bubbles. Blow.’ Blow the bubbles off your hand, and enjoy the effect: ‘Wow! Bubbles!’ Ask your child if they want you to do it again: ‘Again? Blow again?’ This entrances little ones and is great for prompting first-words learners to use bubbles, blow and again.
  1. Give your toddler plastic cups to play with in the bath, to enjoy scooping and pouring. Build up phrases by narrating actions like pour out, pour water, pour again
  1. A simple plastic duck or similar floating toy can introduce words like swim, float, push and, naturally, duck! Try pushing the duck slowly under the water, saying ‘Down, down, down’, then release it and say ‘Pop!’ or ‘Up!’ as it jumps back up.
  1. Name your child’s body parts as you wash them. Smile, sing and be animated to get their attention! Ask your toddler to show you their tummy, toes etc. Your child might enjoy gentle touch and tickling in the bath, or flicking or splashing water.
  1. Try out a toddler-friendly bath bomb that adds color to the water. This is a really engaging way to learn about different colors.

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